Today, there are billions of websites, a number that has risen over the past few decades. Still, many more keep mushrooming by the day. Interestingly, every site needs a hosting provider. The work of the hosting company is to provide the servers which store the site and also power it. Your domain registration is in charge of your site hosting. While there are many domain hosting companies these days, choosing the most appropriate is often an uphill task, and one needs expert tips on how to pick the right one from the broad ocean of providers. Here are some of the tips that you need to have at hand when scouting for a reputable provider for your website.

1.    Know what your website needs

The moment you are clear on what your website will be doing is the moment you know the best provider for your site. A good website host needs to support the platform and build tools that are great for creating the site that suits your business. The provider is also charged with providing your site with enough storage speed and also reliability. Some sites process online payment; others are blogs and for the visual gallery. Hosts do build tools and infrastructure for various types of sites or site functions. Ensure that who you choose is suited for your needs as this is not a case of one for all.

2.    They should have a high uptime score

Just like having a phone whose battery is depleted, you cannot communicate. Likewise, when your website is offline, you won’t be able to view it or even sell online. Poor domain hosting companies often have unstable network connections and weak servers, a recipe for pushing your website offline. This also hurts your ranking on various search engines. Always bank on one that guarantees maximum uptime scores of up to 99.5% yearly for you to realize success in your website. Anything with an uptime score of 99% and below should be avoided like a plague.

3.    Should have best customer support

You need to ensure that the domain hosting provider of your choice is always speedy in providing you with urgent solutions for technical problems which are common when operating a site. Their live support should be available 27/7. Go for those with chat support or have social media visibility instead of the ones who offer their customer support over emails and support tickets.

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