The costs of building a website can increase pretty quickly. You have to design, develop and maintain the website, all of which needs a lot of capital outlay. That’s why it vital that you try to cut costs where you can. Happily, website builders have mushroomed that allow you to build your website cost-effectively or even for free.

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However, there is one area that can substantially increase your business costs: Web hosting. That’s because web hosting prices are displayed by month, and the providers require that you pay for at least 1 year at once. Luckily, many free web hosting providers have come up that allow you to host your website for free. Here is a list of the best free web hosting platforms out there:

a)   Freehostia offers both paid and free web hosting

Freehostia is one of the best free web hosting providers out there. The free hosting plan is called chocolate. With a Chocolate free hosting plan, you get 6GB bandwidth and 250MB disk space every month. Other features that come with Freehostia include 99.9% uptime, compatibility with MySQL and PHP, 24/7 customer support and 3 POP3/IMAP email accounts. It also allows one-click install for WordPress, Joomla, and other PHP scripts. And if you outgrow the free web hosting plan, you can easily upgrade to any premium plan.

b)   000Webhost is an accustomed free web hosting provider

000Web host is situated in the United States. The provider has been in the game since 2007. The free hosting plan comes with 100GB bandwidth and 1.5GB disc space each month. Other features that come along with 000Web hosting include 5 accompanying email accounts, MySQL and PHP support, 99.9% uptime and regular backups. Its popularity can be seen by the large community of users (more than 14 million). If you wish to upgrade to the paid web hosting, you won’t pay much. The lowest paid plan is $2 per month.

c) closes our list of the best web hosting providers

When it comes to the provision of monthly bandwidth, trumps the two. It comes with a bandwidth of 250GB, as well as 10GB disc space. If you don’t have a domain name, the provider offers free subdomains. If you outgrow your free web hosting plan, you can always upgrade to premium plans.


Free web hosting, without a doubt, has helped many new businesses owners to have their websites without paying a dime. When starting out, you don’t have a lot to do, and you don’t have a lot of traffic coming to your website so that a free web hosting plan can save you a ton of money. You can direct that money to other things that matter in your business.

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